Confirmed: del Toro’s THQ project a trilogy

Guillermo del Toro’s videogame project at THQ is indeed planned as a trilogy as rumors suggested.

Talking next to the famed film director on the pre-show red carpet at the 2010 VGAs over the weekend, the publisher’s core games head Danny Bilson called the project an “epic” undertaking and said “it’s going to take the next 8-10 years to build all 3 chapters of this game.”

“It’s really going to be special and I look forward to everybody dropping into that world a couple years from now.”

Plans for a trilogy of games first arose in November. The same rumor also pegged the game to have RPG elements ‘along the lines of Mass Effect‘.

The project, dubbed Insane, was formally revealed at the VGAs. The “horrific adventure,” as Bilson’s put it, is slated for release sometime in 2013.