Hot Pursuit’s Autolog available for iDevices

Criterion’s NFS reboot with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has been nothing but a testament to arcade racers still having their roaring engines revved up, even scooping up a well-deserved award for Best Driving Game at this year’s VGAs much thanks to the newly implemented Autolog feature that’ll keep us all running to beat the hell out of our friends’ scores time and time again. A feature that’ll now haunt you to your wheeled death on your iDevices should you be in possession of one.

The Need for Speed Autolog app is now available for iOS-enabled devices such as the iPhone and iPad, and does exactly what you’d expect it to do: mess with you. While it might not be the prettiest app on the block, it does everything the web-based Autolog does, which you can explore now if you haven’t done so already. View your times, your friend’s times, recommendations, comments and photos on the speedwall and any bit of news might be sharing.

Grab the app on iTunes now… for free.