New Elder Scrolls reveal in January

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced this past Saturday, you’ve surely noticed. Not many details are around though. All there is for now is a teaser trailer (above), and knowledge that the game will be running on new technology. Technology that’s been in the works for several years now.

“We’ve been working for many years on Skyrim and the technology behind it,” game director Todd Howard said in the formal announcement of the title, going on to admit that the new game has been “a long time coming.”

“We can’t wait to show it off.”

The game won’t stay in the shadows for too much longer; it’ll be given a proper reveal in the next issue of GameInformer, due out in January. Not only that, it’ll appear as a cover story on other magazines throughout the world in the following month as well.

A glimpse at that “spectacular” tech isn’t too far off then.