EA: One big hit can save music genre

Ah music games. My one obstacle to getting up and learning a real instrument. Still, they are a great way of wasting time, if a bit expensive for a plastic guitar. But recently music games have been selling poorly. Games in the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series have been declining every year.

EA’s worldwide music executive, Steve Schnur, has reacted to questions about this decline, saying “one big hit will change everything.”

“And at EA, new hits are on the way,” he claims.

Not only this, but Schnur says that the soundtracks to games should also be available in shops, just like film soundtracks. He says that “the industry is just now starting to catch up to what gamers have known for years: that the best game scores can – and should – have the same impact of film scores. And that includes their availability at retail.”

It certainly is an interesting idea, but I don’t really know if I could picture myself purchasing the entire soundtrack to a Call Of Duty game. Brütal Legend, on the other hand…