Hot Pursuit reaches Steam

The VGAs Best Driving Game winner Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has been begged to appear on other platforms other than PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and to that end, we’ve already seen the launch of the game on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, the latter having gotten the HD treatment for maximum enjoyment on the road. But, if there’s one place fans have been begging EA and Criterion to release the popular arcade racer on, it’s Steam. And the news has come:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit available on Steam any time now…” followed up five hours later by “NFS Hot Pursuit is now available on Steam!”; those were the one and two sentences confirming the launch of Hot Pursuit on the platform, tweeted by Criterion’s very own Matt Webster earlier today.

You can get the game for €49.99 (EURO) or $49.99 (USD).