Infinity Blade originally destined for Kinect

Infinity Blade is am amazing game on the iDevices and has been getting some substantial coverage lately, what with DLC incoming and the iOS game earning money at an incredible rate. Just imagine if that swiping action had been turned loose on a full sized television with Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller. According to developer Chair, it could have happened.

Chair Entertainment co-founder Donald Mustard has said recently that Infinity Blade was born from a brainstorming session where they asked themselves, “What would a Chair Kinect game look like?” He stresses the fact that while the game isn’t “that dissimilar from the game you’re playing today,” it definitely¬†is not a port of a Kinect title; the idea was formed over a year ago and has been “refined and adapted to the iOS screen, which honestly I think is where the design works the best.”

Mustard does admit, however, that the game could come to Kinect eventually if the controller “takes off over the holiday season.”