Civilization V mega-patch hits Steam

Civilization V is bit of a bittersweet experience for many – many of the innovative (and, frankly, fantastic) additions the installment made to the series were unfortunately overshadowed by some annoying AI glitches. Firaxis has just dropped a patch that may be a remedy to most, if not all, of your AI woes with what can only be described as a mega patch.

The extensive list detailing all of the changes has been posted to the 2K Games forum and shows off improvements to nearly every part of the game. Aside from AI, the majority of gameplay fixes focus on multiplier tweaks and the introduction of two new wonders; the “National Treasury”, which provides your city with a large gold surplus, and the “Circus Maximus” which gives your city a big happiness boost.

Other significant updates include two new diplomatic options. The “Declaration of Friendship”  and the “Denounce” which allow you to publicly ally or vilify your fellow players to tip the world’s diplomatic balance.

The update should be appearing in everyone’s Steam download queue right about now.