Paradox, DDM announce new Conan game in the works

While the last two games based on the franchise of ConanConan (THQ, 2007) and Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (including its first expansoin pack Rise of the Godslayer, Funcom, 2010) – received fair and rather good reviews, respectively, none managed to be a commercial successes, which is why the announcement of a new Conan game comes more than a surprise than anything else.

Licensing company Paradox Entertainment in conjunction with game-talent agency DDM recently shared to the world they’re working on yet another Conan game. Given the fact that the library of Robert E. Howard – the author of the original Conan stories published in the 1930s – is owned by Paradox, the company’s involvement in this new game shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Unfortunately, that’s the extent of what’s been shared so far. No name, no genre, no date, no platforms, no developer, no publisher… nothing.