Analyst: Kinect is “fastest selling device ever”

The closer we get to Christmas, the closer Microsoft gets to reaching that 5 million goal it set for Kinect sales just before launch, and according to recent words by analyst Katherine Egbert at Jefferies & Co., the device that was once presumed to be too expensive “is on pace to be the fastest-selling device of all time.”

Egbert detailed that Kinect is outpacing the iPad’s debut sales at about 2.5 times the rate of Apple’s “magical device” of a tablet and while not aiming for the latter specifically, it could give Microsoft “an important psychological win,” adding that “its success may help neutralize the current negative sentiment on the stock.” The iPad sold 1 million units by its 27th day of existence, while Kinect is on its way to selling 5 million units after 50 days, which would rise the numbers of units sold per day to an impressive 100,000.

At that rate, and with high demand of the device reported worldwide, we’d say Microsoft is well on its way to reaching its goal, and that the half a billion dollar investment that went into marketing the device is beyond a doubt paying off.