The characters and story of Bulletstorm, colorfully talked about in dev diary

In usual People Can Fly fashion, here’s another… different developer diary for upcoming kick-you-in-the-face FPS Bulletstorm. In this one, lead designer Rick Remender and producer Tanya Jessen talk more about the story of the game, what happened to the black ops crew and why they’re living a nightmare in a mutant-infested paradise of another planet. They also talk about the characters themselves, giving us the inside track.

While a story mode is good and all, we all know we’re going online to punch a guy in the face, kick him about, rope him back in just to kick him again into a cactus plant, watch him explode and see his limbs rain down from the skies… and brag about it.

Bulletstorm is out late February next year on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.