The Witcher 2’s insane difficulty will be just that

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will have four difficulty settings: easy, medium, hard and insane. We’re guessing you’re more curious about “insane” than the other three. “You can save the game, but when you die the saves are disabled,” says lead gameplay designer Mateusz Kanick of it.

Apparently that means that when you die in The Witcher 2 on insane difficulty, you’ll have to start the game from the beginning. However, if there are saves like Kanick says, we suppose the player could just turn the power off as he or she is in mortal peril in order to avoid restarting. The developer, CD Projekt RED, could counter with saves that delete as soon as you start them, which would make a lot of sense to us.

Another feature of insane difficult is that monsters will be much harder to completely avoid than they were in the original Witcher. Says Kanick: “It won’t be easy to not fight the monsters. We fixed that by giving all opponents special abilities which allow them to catch the Witcher.” For example: “Undead can dig into the ground and get up near the player. So when you run he will dig up in front of you and grab you. It will be harder to just run and avoid the fight.”

Intimidated Witcher fans should note that trekking through the quest on insane difficulty will not be met without reward. “There will be an achievement for that, for sure.” Good, because that task sounds insane!