First Black Ops DLC announced, coming February

Don’t take that disc out of your console just yet; Call of Duty: Black Ops is getting new DLC in the form of competitive and zombie multiplayer maps early next year. Dan Bunting, producer at Treyarch has confirmed that the pack will hit Xbox 360 first on February 1st 2011 with four new multiplayer maps and one new zombie map.

The multiplayer maps have already revealed their names/locations. “Berlin Wall” takes place at Checkpoint Charlie, a spot in the wall that people used to cross from East Berlin to West Berlin in the Cold War. Then there’s “Discovery” that takes place in an arctic German base. “Kowloon” is based on the single-player China level and “Stadium”, rather oddly, is in a hockey rink.

The price? The standard set by Modern Warfare 2: 1200 Microsoft Points.