Just Cause getting a movie, tells the origins of Rico

When I was playing Just Cause 2 earlier this year I couldn’t help thinking, “Well these explosions are great and all, but I wish I knew more about the central character!”

Okay that didn’t really happen, but if it had I’d be really happy with the latest news on the Just Cause movie. In an interview on the game’s offical site film producers Adrian Askarieh and Eric Eisner revealed that the flick would be an origin story for Rico, telling us how he became the Scorpion. It will (apparently) be “a great action/adventure with a strong central character; two MUST HAVE elements for a good action film.”

The film will stick close to the source material too, which should make a nice change from most videogame movies *cough* Uncharted.  Askarieh and Eisner hope it hits a PG-13 rating.