Latest Monster Hunter for PSP sells 3 million in Japan

Hunting monsters seems to be a big deal over in Japan as Capcom announced – or rightfully bragged about it, again – today that the game that lets you do this, Monster Hunter Freedom 3 – the latest in the series – has sold a whopping 3 million units on Sony’s portable console, the PSP, since its release just 20 days ago.

Almost three years after the release of the latest portable title in the franchise, Monster Hunter Freedom 3 managed to be Capcom’s fastest-selling game ever in the history of the company, much due to cross-media content such as spin-off products, a TV anime, and numerous mobile games awaking greater awareness of the brand.

Furthermore, as to exploit the game’s gained momentum to maximum levels, marketing campaigns will continue to inform and show off the game in a number of planned events throughout December and the new year, so we shouldn’t expect sales to drop to a sudden stop anytime soon.