Gears of War 3 to reward dedication to Epic Games

Tired of shelling out money to a company time after time and not getting any recognition whatsoever? If you’re a fan of Epic Games, Cliff Bleszinski recently tweeted some news that is sure to make your day; come next year, Gears of War 3 will have something “special” for you.

“Look for special unlocks in Gears 3 for those of you who have played other Epic games such as Shadow Complex, UT3, Gears, and Bulletstorm,” reads Bleszinski’s tweet.

As is usual with teases, specific information on what those unlocks are was non-existent. With the current uptake in games rewarding players with avatar items, they could be something as simple as a Gears helmet or, in typical Epic/Blezinski style, as large as a weapons and characters from the Epic Games stable.