Steam’s Oddboxx currently somewhat broken

Many a Oddworld fan woke up yesterday morning to the wonderful news that the long-awaited Oddboxx, which features updated versions of the previously Xbox exclusive Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, finally saw its release on Steam Monday morning. While the price of the package, also featuring the original two Oddworld titles, was never announced by Oddworld Inhabitants, the standard price of The Oddboxx has been revealed to be a reasonable $24.99. That is, unless you happened to have picked it up yesterday (or right now if you still have time!), as the package launched at 50% off for one day only as part of the annual Christmas money depository known as the Steam holiday sale.

So Monday was shaping up to be a pretty awesome day if you happened to be an Oddworld fan with the day off, though these positive vibes were dampened for quite a few.

Numerous posts on the Steam forums as well as the official Oddworld forums are citing serious performance issues on even high-end PCs, unresponsive menus, and problems with resolution settings, including the inability for Strangers Wrath to enter fullscreen mode. While playing Munch’s Oddysee myself, I was unable to move from my starting position while I watched Abe run in place.

Just Add Water Developments, the team in charge of the Stranger’s Wrath PC port as well as the upcoming PS3 port, have already responded via twitter, so there will be updates: “We will look into ANY and ALL issues, and we WILL release patches for it.”

There’s no dates for said patches yet, but Oddworld Inhabitants hopes it to be “as soon as possible.”