Castlevania DLC coming in two batches, continues story

Not ready to lay that whip to rest? Fear not; Konami have finally revealed details about the upcoming DLC for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

What can we expect? Two packs, both filled with new missions that continue the game’s story. The first is titled ‘Reverie’, taking Gabriel back to the castle he fought his way through about halfway through the game. You’ll help Laura — the weird, demonic child thingy — rid the castle of the evil that was previously kept in check by the Vampire Lord (who Gabe impaled on a building… ouch).

The second pack, ‘Resurrection’ is the more interesting of the two, promising to deal with the game’s surprising (and awesome) cliffhanger ending. Konami promise this pack will be larger than the first, featuring a battle with a “notorious enemy”.

No pricing yet but both packs will launch in early 2011.