Second Humble Indie Bundle proves to be yet another success

The project initiated by a group of indie developers, now known as Humble Bundle, Inc. has seen yet another success as The Humble Indie Bundle #2 managed to surpass sales of the first bundle after a week and a half of having been set loose on the public.

The first Humble Indie Bundle – World of GooGishAquariaPenumbra: Overture and Lugaru HD – managed to reach a whooping amount of $1.3 million (USD) in sales, with around 140,000 purchases made during the time it was available. The Humble Indie Bundle #2 – Cortex CommandOsmosRevenge of the TitansBraid and Machinarium – has now swooshed by that number, standing at $1.42 million as you’re reading this. Considering the concept, which has you paying whatever you want for the bundle, it’s a more than impressive number.

Furthermore, and a more than welcomed bonus, anyone purchasing the second bundle for more than the average (standing at $7.46 at this time) will get the entire first bundle for free, including Samorost 2 which wasn’t originally part of it in the beginning. Most of the aforementioned games are redeemable through Steam, with the exception of Cortex Command and Revenge of the Titans which will both be added once they make their debut.

As always, this is all charitable money being donated which can be split between the developers themselves, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and/or the Child’s Play Charity. It’s for a good cause, so why not give a little something back, huh? You’ve got 2 days left.