The MMO Round-Up / Dec 27

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

MapleStory’s hit an all time user peak when the game saw over 136,000 playing at the same time.

The new Vampire race for Everquest II is now available for purchase.

According to a recent report online gaming made over 14.5 billion dollars this year and is set to make over 20 billion in 2012.

Linden Labs who make the virtual world Second Life has acquired Rob Humble as their new CEO. Humble’s worked on such SOE games as Everquest and Star Wars: Galaxies.

The latest class video for Star Wars: The Old Republic showed off what the Republic Trooper has to offer.

En Masse took players on a tour of their game Rift this week though a pair of zone fly through videos.

Beta sign ups for Everquest II: Destiny of the Velious officially started this week.

Take a look at DC Universe Online through this video preview of the Area 51 zone.

Most MMOs have multiple game servers, however Earthrise has decided to live all on one server.

The NDA for Black Prophecy lifted this week as the game is heading into open beta.

The last update of the year for Final Fantasy XIV allows for item searching among other things.

The new APB dev talked about adding in story into the reloaded version of the game in a dev blog update.