Extended Uncharted 3 gameplay footage

If you’re a fan of late night television, you’ve undoubtedly already seen some of Drake and Sully’s attempt to escape a flaming French chateau, but how did our intrepid treasure hunters find themselves pistol whipping baddies in a Parisian barbecue in the first place?

We still won’t have the answer to that question until November, but Sony has released two gameplay videos from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception featuring a pre-insurance claim look at the chateau level, as well as the unedited flaming footage that initially appeared on Late Night, minus Jimmy Fallon’s cackling laughter which shockingly improves the experience.  Also improving the experience, Drake’s ass-kicking assortment new combat moves, weapon steals and takedowns,  including a flying second story stealth attack that puts Batman to shame. At least until Arkham City comes out.