Japanese newspaper reports spring 2011 debut for PlayStation Phone

Rumors around the PlayStation Phone – the latest example of Sony’s poor secret keeping – continue to swirl. Kotaku reports that the latest rumor comes from Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, which outlines seasonal launch timing, markets and a few features for the not-so-fabled gaming telephone.

The paper reports that the PlayStation Phone could go on sale initially n the U.S. and Europe next spring, supporting previous timing rumors of March 2011. It also reports that the phone will be based on the PSPgo (ugh) and use similar PSPgo-style controls, supporting previously leaked video and images. UMD and memory sticks are also said to be eliminated (double ugh).

If rumored launch timing of spring 2011 is to be believed that hopefully means Sony will stop this madness by making an announcement soon. More rumors have pegged Mobile World Congress, the mobile tradeshow taking place during February 14-17, as the big stage.