A welcomed 2011 hits as BFBC2’s Operation Hastings gets unlocked

First things first; we all wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2010 was as amazing for you as it was for us, and even though we’ve been absent these last couple of days – taking a break to celebrate the coming of 2011 with family and friends instead of making predictions – we’d like to think this year won’t be any different, neither in gaming nor here at TVGB. And would you be as kind as to accept it, we’d like to extend our gratitude and best wishes of a great year to all of you for being part of our community and this thing we’re doing here. We really hope you’ve enjoyed hanging out with us as much as we’ve enjoyed your presence.

And much like our holiday-spirited selves, developer DICE would also like to wish all a Happy New Year. 2010 ended with a bang as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 saw the release of not only four new maps in Map Pack 7, but an additional five in Vietnam, one of which – Battle for Hastings – was yet to be unlocked by performing 69 million team actions such as reviving downed teammates, healing them, resupplying them with ammo, repairing broken vehicles and spotting enemies.

The PC community worked hard and was the only one to unlock this fifth map fair and square, with the Xbox 360 and PS3 communities tailing and standing at 43 and 32 million, respectively, as we speak. In an act of compassion, DICE unlocked Battle for Hastings for both platforms as of today which means we can all remedy that new year’s hangover by skillfully, or accidentally, blowing s*** up! Happy New Year!