Square Enix asks Final Fantasy XIV subscribers for advice

Square Enix has had anything but an easy few months since the launch of its second MMO entry to its flagship Final Fantasy series. Sure, Final Fantasy XIV has had its bugs – many of which are gradually being resolved – but it’s the game’s early content that is taking the majority of the heat now.

After numerous heads have rolled within the development team, trial periods extended and bug-squashing patches released, Square Enix is now polling its PC subscribers to hear what they think of the game and its future in order to prioritize future updates before the delayed PS3 version drops later this year.

The poll gives subscribers a set of multiple-choice questions on what they would like to see improved first covering  bugs, in-game content and even the official website’s content.

Interestingly, the poll also asks subscribers whether they would be happy with changes that would “drastically alter the rules already set,” which doesn’t sound too dissimilar to Star Wars Galaxies’ New Game Enhancements which fell foul of many seasoned players and caused a large spike in subscriber cancellations back in 2007.

In the email to subscribers, Naoki Yoshida, the new director-producer for the title, also highlights four new cryptic keywords which the team is now using to structure the future direction for Final Fantasy XIV: “fun, live, reboot, and rebuild.”

Presumably he wants the game to actually be fun, providing an immersive environment players can ‘live in’ through a major reboot and rebuild of the game experience. Hopefully this renewed direction won’t delay the PS3 version any further, but whether it’s too little, too late for existing PC subscribers remains to be seen.