Valve on release schedule: “we’re not schizophrenic”

Despite a solid track record for gaming quality, Valve hasn’t exactly taken the predictable path to launching its titles. Its most recent delay was the news of Portal 2 being pushed out a month to an April 2011 release date.

But the developer contends that there’s a method to its release schedule madness. In a recent interview with Xbox World 360 magazine, Valve’s marketing director Doug Lombardi lays out the rationale for its spotty release schedule.

Lombardi states: “I think it’s fair to say that Valve never approaches a product release the same way twice. With Half-Life 2 we took six years to create an epic sequel, then we immediately shifted to episodic releases, which were then followed by the release of a new IP (Left 4 Dead) which was given a sequel in less than a year. Now, with Portal 2, we’ve taken a couple of years to produce a full sequel to a game that was launched in episodic size.”

“The point is not that we’re schizophrenic, but that we try to productize every game in a way that’s best for it, given market conditions and other factors.”