Rumor: Avatar Kinect to be announced at CES

Before you get your hopes up, this rumor has nothing to do with the blue tinged ‘Avatar’ of movie fame. What it does talk about is the fact that Microsoft might be planning to not only get gamers off the couch with their Kinect sensor but also trying to get our Xbox Live avatars to be more social as well.

If word, and the shaky-cam photo above, out of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show bear any semblance of truth, Microsoft will today announce Avatar Kinect, a dedicated space for our avatars to interact with other Kinect enabled avatars. Available via a downloadable update, the not-yet-confirmed avatar space is said to be similar to the Mii channel on the Wii, allowing for our mini-us’s to play games and watch content with other users across Xbox Live.

Microsoft’s CES presentation goes live at 9:30pm Eastern/6:30pm Pacific and can be seen live here.