West, Zampella protesting latest Activision move

Just before the holidays, Activision broadened its lawsuit against expelled Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella to include rival publisher EA, who the company alleges tried to lure the men away from under Activision’s wing. The move, as put in new documents obtained by Kotaku which show that Activision was aware of the claimed discussions 6 months earlier, is designed to push back the trial.

A delay is problematic for West and Zampella though as they’re “paying for this litigation from our own funds” and already have bills that “[exceeded] our combined annual salaries.” To that end, the duo is protesting the expansion.

The case is also interfering with getting things going at the pair’s new, EA-funded development house Respawn Entertainment. Reads the obtained doc: “..any delay of the trial in this lawsuit would increase the financial and non-financial burdens and would continue to distract us from running our business and earning a living.”

Respawn is said to now house “dozens” of developers.