Sony working on 3D headset

CES is like Christmas coming (very) early for tech-nerds. The world’s leading companies gather round to show off their latest products and new innovations for the future. Sony usually have something up their sleeves for the event and this year was no different.

During the companies CES keynote executive deputy president Hiroshi Yoshioka revealed that they were working on a 3D visor display that you could simply slip on and enjoy a wide range of PS3 games with. It has one display for each eye, built in headphones, and goes by the name of the Headman. Apparently it’s in good enough shape for Gran Turismo 5 as Yoshioka said: “Nobody – not even my wife – interrupted me, so I could get the highest score.”

We’d imagine this product will go back into secrecy for a good long while now, and cost roughly the same as a small country when it is released. Sure sounds exciting though.