Relentless Software going multiplatform and digital-only

You may know Relentless Software as those guys that make Buzz game after Buzz game after Buzz game. Not that we mind; their last attempt was pretty good, but they’ve decided it’s time for a change. The company has left its PlayStation exclusivity (though not PlayStation entirely) to work on multiplatform, digital-only products.

Andrew Eades, developer co-founder revealed that their “real strategy going forward is to change the company from a disc-based, console games company only – which is what we were, we were only PlayStation 3, we were only console, we were only quiz, in fact. We wanted to change the company to have much more breadth and embrace the new digital platforms we saw coming in.”

Eades spoke a little about Blue Toad Murder Files, the murder mystery title that saw release on PSN and then PC. It was the developers first non-quiz game in a long time. That was just the tip of the iceberg for the team though: “The whole retail market is becoming very much about pillar titles for a hardcore audience – so we have to find a new way to get to our audience, and that is digital, episodic, various different platforms – including PlayStation, that remains our main platform.”

But Relentless are thinking much further past you standard console user, they want to make games for anyone that has a TV: “It’s not just about the main consoles anymore. Look at what people have plugged in to their TVs these days. PlayStations and Xboxes have a place under many people’s TVs, but there’s also satellite boxes, Apple TVs, Google TVs, internet connected TVs.”

Given their history you can expect to see some pretty interesting titles from this developer in the future.