Some details on Silent Hill: Downpour

Looks like the latest issue of Game Informer is set to not only show some goods on Bethesda’s latest, but also Konami’s with some info on the next Silent Hill title, Downpour. As of now, what we know is revealed comes from a poster over at Neogaf, and are as follows:

-The game’s demo will take place in the outskirts of Silent Hill proper.
-The town will be navigated via subway systems this time around.
-This game will have some side quest action.
-The player who avoids fighting and opts for incapacitating a monster and bolting instead is apparently the wiser player.
-Quick Time Events for bosses!
-Water will play a “huge part” in this game, and the poster describes a surreal image of a flowing river on a ceiling.
-This game will actually focus on the southeastern part you always see in maps of previous entries, and so don’t expect to visit some of the more memorable locales.
-Weapons can’t be stored, will weaken, and do break.
-The game’s difficulty on puzzles can be adjusted.

Admittedly sparse, but hey, it’s a start. The full article will hopefully expand on some details here, and even say when this can be expected for our PS3s and Xbox 360s.