Torchlight on XBLA priced at 1200MSP, DLC possible

If you’re an Xbox 360 owner who’s been longing to play the heretofore PC and Mac-only Torchlight, then here’s some rather pleasing news. Runic Games honcho Max Schaefer has confirmed that the popular RPG will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade in late February / early March and will run 1200 Microsoft Points. But there’s more great news for Torchlight fans – DLC will be available for the game, provided sales are strong.

Moreover, Schaefer explained some of the improvements that went into producing the XBLA version: “I look at Torchlight [on 360] as a whole new game. It had to be in some ways because the way you play console games is so different from PC games. We made changes to adapt the game to the controller. It led us to make some cool changes. We’re also adding some new things. We have three new armor sets, a new pet and some of the skill – like those involving items – like potions are re-worked to let players control how [hard/long] the throw is.”

Last, but not least, is the fact that Runic fully intend to port Torchlight 2 over to XBLA at some point in the future as well.