Bungie copyrights could reveal new title for next game

Ever since Bungie and Activision signed their 10-year super alliance, there’s been ongoing speculation of what blockbuster title this new marriage would spawn. Something surely on PS3? And PC? And something with a “non-linear narrative?”

The latest batch of clues comes from noted Internet sleuth and proven copyright investigator, Supperannuation. Super has taken to Twitter to reveal that searches for “Bungie” via the U.S. copyright office shows that in July 2010 the dev filed registrations for 4 things carrying names Seven Seraphs, Osiris, New Monarchy, and Dead Orbit. The registration source appears to be BungieAerospace. He also notes that the registrations are for “artworks,” but can encompass all sorts of marketing promotions “like logos.”

Could one be the name for Bungie’s next title or titles? As with all rumors, we won’t know for sure until a good ol’ formal announcement is made.