Twisted Pixel calls Capcom game “complete theft”

Twisted Pixel, indie developer of The Maw and ‘Splosion Man, has taken a look at MaXplosion, an iDevice offering from Capcom, and called shenanigans. Checking out the footage below, the similarities are striking: both games are side-scrolling platformers and feature a main character who can only jump a maximum of three times before having to recharge.

Speaking out through Twitter, Twisted Pixel programmer Mike Henry said that the “MaXplosion gameplay makes me sad.” He goes on, admitting to the fact that borrowing is great, something they do “all the time,” but the Capcom game is “complete theft” and if they are going to “steal a game, you should at least understand what makes it fun.”

Even Michael Wilford, Twisted Pixel CEO, got in on the Twitter action by revealing the company had originally pitched ‘Splosion Man to Capcom and “they said no.” He admits that this theft will go uncorrected because “we’re too small to do anything about it, and I bet Capcom’s counting on that.” Even so, Wilford does admit his love for Capcom remains due to “what they brought to my childhood,” yet he questions “WTF have they turned into? First they lose Inafune, now this.”