Insane to feature developer’s ‘dream features’

Insane may turn out to be a very violent, very scary game, but it’s apparently the stuff of dreams for Guillermo del Toro and  developers Volition. THQ’s Danny Bilson told Kotaku about the director’s interesting development method, saying “At the next meeting I want all of you to come to the meeting with one dream feature, one thing you’ve always wanted in a game … or don’t come to the meeting.”

Sort of a kid in a candy store moment for Volition, then. Bilson revealed his feature:  “Mine’s Autotuning. To have a great fiction game, everyone has to finish the game. To have a trilogy you have to get to the end and care about the story. You can’t care about the story if you choke off halfway through or you get sick of it or fatigued or whatever. So the game will have the coolest [artificial intelligence]-based auto-tuning where it’s challenging for everybody. ”

Let’s hope other dreams included a release date that isn’t in 2013! Fat chance…