THQ unites “key members” from Ubisoft with Patrice Désilets

The move of Patrice Désilets, former Ubisoft employee who worked on the Assassin’s Creed franchise, from Ubi to THQ is well known by now. But, as it turns out, he won’t be making the move alone according to THQ’s core games head Danny Bilson. In addition to hiring “people from the community in Montreal and all over the world” to embark on the company’s next grand project in unity, Bilson agreed to get Désilets three “key members” from Ubisoft he asked for.

“I don’t think I can talk about the other three people we’ve already contracted because I wouldn’t … I just know Patrice said, ‘I need these three guys.’ And I said ‘Okay! Whatever you need!’,” explained Bilson. “We put all of them on retention and got them started on their non-competes. I kind of know what their roles are, but they were the most important people to Patrice. All three of them are Ubi.”

Désilets’ non-compete ends by the end of May, which is when he’ll officially join his new employer and head the THQ Montreal studio, which in turn means we probably won’t be hearing anything about the new IP for quite a while.