Breach goes gold, gets release date

After having the original June 2010 release date pushed back, Atomic Games has officially announced that Breach, their military FPS, has gone gold with a January 26 release date. You may remember the game from headlines during last year’s PAX East as the one someone attempted to steal from the developer’s booth.

The FPS will have four maps at launch, each one supporting the game’s four different game types: Team Deathmatch; Infiltration, where teams have to capture and hold a certain point; Convoy, putting teams in charge of either protecting or destroying a convoy of moving vehicles; and Retrieval, which tasks teams to capture a bioweapon canister and deliver it to a drop off point.

Featuring destructible environments and an active cover system, Breach will have provide players with a class-based ranking system with gadgets and perks. Finally as a nod to the PC community, the developers listened and have included dedicated server support with remote administration.

Breach will be available as a downloadable title through Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 MS Points and either in digital form or as a retail purchase on PC at retailers for $19.99.