Updated // Giveaway / ilomilo, Raskulls, World of Keflings

Update: That’s it for this one, thanks to everyone for participating! The winner’s been contacted via Twitter.

Over the past few weeks we have been providing reviews of the videogames included in the Games for the Holidays promotion, Microsoft’s winter games lineup. Starting out with the Gulliver’s Travels-esque World of Keflings, we learned that being the big man on campus isn’t so bad when you’re a giant. Next up was the side-scrolling, not-Tetris game Raskulls which gave us the cutest reason to throw our controllers. Rounding out the trio was ilomilo, a lovely puzzler that is as challenging as it is beautiful. One of the most amazing things about this trilogy of games was that, when played on the same console, each game contains unlocks for the other two. Now you have the chance to see this for yourself because we’re giving away all three games to one lucky person.

The rules of the game remain the same: follow us on Twitter and then retweet this post using the button below. Already awesome and have been following us? Then simply retweet via the button below. For those with an allergy to getting non-spammy videogame news updates, we have a solution for you too. Just go ‘Like’ our Facebook page then come back here and retweet using the button down there, just make sure you include your Facebook name in the tweet.

The winner will be notified next Wednesday, Jan 19. Good luck!