Kinect sells millions, so do games for it

Microsoft predicted 3 million Kinect units would sell this past Holiday, a number they then raised to a cocky 5 million. Now, with the numbers at hand, they could’ve gone even higher as it’s been reported that 8 million units sold worldwide, proving the lack of the motion-sensing technology at retail wasn’t just a fabricated rumor.

But what about the games? While we’re still waiting for official numbers to show up, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg gave us a bit of a tease yesterday via his Twitter, revealing, “Another NPD nugget….Kinect Sports and Dance Central are breakout hits, both selling 1 million units in US alone.”

Considering those 8 million Kinects around the world and worldwide sales of these games, we’d say those games are probably the best-selling Kinect launch titles around the world, and are probably getting sequels at some point in the future.