THQ: Metro 2033 “wasn’t properly nurtured”, sequel will be

Boy, THQ is in the media forefront this week. Joystiq caught up with and talked to VP of Core Games Danny Bilson about Metro 2033 to see if he believed the generally well-reviewed title that was “very profitable” according to THQ CEO Brian Farrell, may have fell short of expectations.

“I’ll give you the straight answer: It wasn’t properly supported in all areas,” Bilson admitted. “Did the game need polish in certain areas? Yes.” he continued. “So when I say it wasn’t fully supported, it was product development and marketing that didn’t support it the way it should’ve been.” Bilson described Metro 2033 as “an orphan stepchild,” saying that “a great marketer picked it up with four months to go and did what he could with four months to go, but it wasn’t properly nurtured by marketing.”

What says he about the upcoming sequel, Metro 2034? “The new one doesn’t have any of those issues,” Bilson remarked, and it would even address some gameplay complaints brought upon the first one. “I would say it’s gonna have some better, more familiar shooting mechanics in it.”

He went on to finish: “And I would also say it’s going to have a first-class marketing campaign that kicks off at E3,” presumably with a wink and a smile.