Xbox 360 outsells PS3 by almost 90% during holiday season

Catsup vs. mustard. Left handed vs. right handed. Sparkly vampires vs. sparkly werewolves. Some rivalries are timeless. Videogame players are more than familiar with the Xbox vs PlayStation rivalry, and it seems like the latest battle in this console war has been won by Microsoft. In November and December of 2010 in NA, according to NPD data, 3.27 million Xbox 360 units flew off shelves while a less impressive 1.74 million PlayStation 3’s were sold. The PS3’s performance may in part be attributed to the fact that it had only one must-have title, Gran Turismo 5, released for the holidays. But while Microsoft tastes the sweet nectar of victory for now, the rivalry is far from over, with PlayStation Move peripherals allegedly selling well and a more promising lineup of games coming out in 2011.