Monday Night Combat PC release delayed a week

This weekend was cruising along nicely until Uber Entertainment dropped this bit of unfortunate news. The developer has said that the PC version of the class-based third-person shooter (or Team Fortress 2 look-a-like) Monday Night Combat has been delayed a week.

The shooter was supposed to arrive for PC via Steam on Monday, January 17, but now the title will debut on January 24 instead.

“We’ve decided to change the launch date from January 17th to a week later on January 24th,” reads the statement. “We’d like to have a solid launch with more bug fixes and more time to polish as well as add some new content. The BETA will continue until we launch.”

Anyone here currently slogging through the beta? Is it buggy? Whatever the case, the shooter was great on Xbox Live Arcade and I cannot wait to try it with keyboard and mouse. What about you?