The MMO Round-Up / Jan 16

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Interplay had some words regarding Bethesda’s lawsuit against them and shockingly Bethesda had some words back.

The first major patch for World of Warcraft since Cataclysm’s release hit testing servers with a boat load of tweaks and changes.

SOE’s DC Universe Online launched this week, perhaps a trailer is in order?

EVE Online’s next big expansion Incursion is set to go live this Tuesday and is also launching new web features along with it.

Cryptic set the free-to-play date for Champions Online for January 25th.

The pre-order rewards for Everquest II: Destiny of the Velious were announced earlier this week.

The Frogster team addressed a recent security compromise in Runes of Magic. Pro-tip: scroll down for the translation.

Who knew roadway safety could be so fun? The UK government is set to spend a lot of cash to produce a roadway safety MMO. Yes really.

Masthead released another beta related video this week for their sci-fi MMO Earthrise.

The Perpetuum dev-blog received an update this week and talked about upcoming features to the game.

You know you want to see Smallville in DC Universe Online, don’t you?

RIFT teaches you the ways to build your Warrior class in their latest released video.

European MapleStory players were up in arms this week over a recent “item drop card for 2x experience card” swap controversy.

In the wake of the game’s release SOE launched new PvP servers this week for DC Universe Online.

The Blood Lord is coming to a Vindictus near you this coming Weds.

The next RIFT beta event will be coming on January 25th.

The iPhone MMO Empire Online is on its way to North America.

Lord of the Rings Online was named MMO of the Year by PC Gamer.

A player of Anarchy Online hacked a Game Master’s account and proceeded to cause some anarchy of his own.