L.A. Noire’s amazing facial animation tech won’t work with every game

Team Bondi’s upcoming period detective title L.A. Noire will employ a freakishly excellent facial animation system that allows every last facial manipulation to be tracked. The end result is quite remarkable, but according to Rockstar, it won’t be used in every game moving forward.

“We would love to see it implemented as widely as possible, whether it is appropriate will depend on the project. MotionScan is more than just the end result,” Rockstar’s VP of Product Development, Jeronimo Barrera, said.

“It’s an entire approach to game development, so it will not work for every game. It’s a huge part of L.A. Noire because it’s tied to the core mechanics of analyzing a suspect’s behavior during interrogations and reading their emotional cues. It’s a pioneering form of technology that breaks new ground for gameplay,” he continued.

L.A. Noire still doesn’t have a release date, but according to its publisher, that information is coming “soon.”

I understand Rockstar’s decision here, but I foresee a future where tech like MotionScan is the mainstay. Do you?