LA Noire: Over 2 full days-worth of dialogue recorded

If you were in any doubt that LA Noire would be an ambitious project for Rockstar’s Team Bondi, the fact it has recorded the same amount of dialogue as two full seasons of a standard US TV show should reinforce the point this title is a big one for the studio.

The game is the first to take advantage of the studio’s MotionScan technology, which accurately scans and digitises an actor’s facial performances, capturing emotional detail to help players detect behavioral variations in NPCs – which should go some way to help players weed out liars while playing sleuth around the streets of 1940’s Los Angeles.

When asked how much footage the team has captured using MotionScan in a recent interview with IGN, Team Bondi head honcho Brendan McNamara  gave an anything but modest response: “We captured over 50 hours worth of dialogue in total, all using MotionScan – it’s equivalent to about two full seasons of a TV show.”

That’s 50 hours of full acting, described by actor Keith Szarabjaka as a “a constant close-up.” Sounds like no mean feat.