Rock Band Network dropping Wii support, RBN2 incoming

Rock Band Network, Harmonix’s user-powered marketplace for new pieces of music, is dropping Wii support.

Due a limited install base and demand, next week’s batch of user-created tunes will be the last the developer will be sharing with the Nintendo system.

“Next Tuesday, 1/18/[2011], will also be the last scheduled batch of Rock Band Network songs brought over to the Wii,” it’s explained on the official Rock Band forums (thanks, Kate). “With the smaller online install base, limited demand for releases so far and the significant amount of work it takes for our producers and audio team to convert and process these additional tracks we’re no longer able to continue submitting RBN content to the Wii.”

DLC releases for the system will go on “uninterrupted,” however.

In other RBN news, version 2.0 of the system will arrive next month, on February 15. Going forward, all new content will require Rock Band 3.