Crytek claims that Kingdoms will push the 360 to its limits

If anyone was going to push the Xbox 360 to its absolute limit, it would be Crytek, the guys who gave us the super-powerful Crysis on PC, which needed a small super computer to run. Luckily the team are looking to do just that with Codename Kingdoms, their 360 exclusive announced at E3 last year.

CEO Cevat Yerli revealed to CVG: “I think when we put Crysis 2 out we will show a level that is, multiplatform-wise, maxing out, but we will look into with Microsoft how Kingdoms can push the Xbox 360 110 percent, to its limits.”

He also said that Kingdoms will be something “genuinely new”, although there’s no word on if we’ll see it before E3 this year or even during the event.