Deus Ex: Human Revolution clocks in at over 25 hours

In true sci-fi spirit, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is shaping up to be a truly epic experience, clocking in at a minimum of 25 hours of playtime from start to finish. And that’s only if you don’t stop to gawk at the flying cars.

According to producer David Anfossi, most of the game testers have been unable to complete the game during the team’s six day work week. “So far with them playing about six hours every day [for six days], most of them don’t complete the game,” he said in an interview with PC Gamer UK, adding that the initial reaction to Deus Ex‘s decidedly more strategic, and sweeping, take on the traditional shooter has developer Eidos Montreal feeling pretty pleased with themselves. “The ones that are more casual gamers, who are used to more ‘corridor, cut-scene, corridor, cut-scene’ type of gameplay – they play it that way for a while. Then suddenly, there’s this new world that opens to them, and they start getting a bit more creative.”

The more creative, and thorough, gamers are when the sci-fi prequel releases later this year, the longer the experience – despite being pretty impressive, even for a conservative estimate, Eidos Montreal was quick to point out that 25 hours should be seen as the minimum amount of time players will spend stomping around in protagonist Adam Jensen’s nanotech-augmented boots. “[Deus EX: Human Revolution] is 25 hours long? Maybe, ” read a recent tweet from the developer. “But if you like to do everything, 25 hours isn’t even close.”