New Lara yet to find her voice

If there’s one unmistakable feature about Lara Croft other than her… well, y’know, it’s her laughably strong British accent. There hasn’t been a Tomb Raider game without her posh voice making every scene utterly cringe-worthy.

That might change for the reboot though; Tomb Raider is yet to find a voice actor for its new Lara. Crystal Dynamics global brand director Karl Stewart confirmed via Twitter that the team are “still on the lookout,” for the new VA. “She’s out there, I know it.”

Given that this is a younger, scrapier Ms. Croft we’re betting the voice will be a fair bit less confident from what we’re used to. Think of the smooth voice of Brosnan’s Bond going to the rough, manly take from Daniel Craig. It could turn out to be pretty cool.

Stewart also answered “Watch this space” to questions about possible Special Editions and such. So… watch it, I guess.