Fire Hose Games needs help naming the final two Scrappers

Last year at PAX Prime we had the chance to get some time with Fire Hose Games’ debut title, Slam Bolt Scrappers. It was a mish-mash of flying people, flying blocks, and had the potential for flying controllers. It was a fun pick up and play title that the group has been working steadily on. Now, as the game nears completion, the developers are looking to get some outside help in the form of audience participation: they want players to name their final two characters.

The character designs have been finalized in the form of one being a “wielding mask wearing, jet pack riding, engineer-looking hero,” with the other being an angel that is unlockable later in the game. The team has made the videos below to introduce each of the characters. Check out the footage and then head on over to the Fire Hose Games website to cast your vote.

The poll runs through the end of the week, so get on it.