Sony thinks HD console MMOs are what “gamers want”

It’s taken a good few years to get DC Universe Online up and running on both PC and PS3, and Sony Online Entertainment has several other MMOs planned for the systems. It’s a risk to produce these expensive games on a platform that’s not associated with the genre, but Sony themselves are confident that they’ll see success with their line of MMOs.

“Consumers don’t just want the MMOs on their home computers,” Sony senior product manager Ian Vinten says.

“There is demand for the playing these games on the PS3 in the living room using high definition TVs and surround sound setups. When you combine this with the pull of the authentic DC experience written by comic industry heavyweights such as Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman, we’re confident success will follow.”

DCUO is still early on in its life; it will be interesting to look back in half a year or so and see if Sony’s plans has paid off.