Xbox Dashboard update blocked (some) piracy

Went to power on your Xbox 360 yesterday and had to wait an unusually long time for an update to complete? You’re not alone and there’s a reason for the update’s larger than normal size: pirates, not of the ice or Caribbean variety either. These pirates avoid buying the top selling videogames.

The mandatory download was needed to reinstate the “Boot to Disk” feature on the Xbox 360 Dashboard. While that is true, in part, another area that the update took care of was preventing users who connect to Xbox Live via modded and chipped consoles from playing backup copies of certain games online. Specifically, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo: Reach, and Modern Warfare 2. It appears that the update only targeted those games, as others continue to work as before, showing that Microsoft knows where its money makers are at.

The modding community is a smart bunch and will most likely find a way around these new safeguards, but should they?